TryHackMe’s Throwback network review

3 min readMar 18, 2021

Hello everyone , I hope you are having a good day . In this post I will be sharing my review on how was Tryhackme’s throwback network which is a paid windows active directory course.

The course is for $30 with 30 days of lab time ,if you want 45 days of the lab time it’s for $45 so it’s pretty a good deal. But I did not bought the course myself instead I won from a giveaway by doing a challenge room called “The Great Escape” which was made by Fawaz and Hydragyrum happened in the month of February.

Now the course covers a lot about AD(Active Directory), if you are new to this term this course will teach you the basics of what AD is , how it works , what’s the benefit of using it and so on. It also goes deep dive into how we can abuse it , exploit it and gain NT\AUTHORITY on the machines. Now in this course there was a network of windows machines where you would comprise a machine and then use proxychains to do lateral movement to comprise other machines as well. It included a section of post exploitation using a C2 server , OSINT, phising, LLMNR poising, kerberosting and using excel macros.

Honestly this course was a blast it improved my knowledge of windows as well as AD exploitation but there were two things that I faced difficulty in , first being the problem with positing LLMNR, I tried using responder which is an awesome tool for this purpose but I didn’t received the hash from it which was the main part of this course and the starting point of attacking AD , I reached over to TryHackMe’s discord but didn’t get my issue resolved. A lot of people were having this issue and couldn’t continue with the course so I had to watch John Hammond’s video of how he did this course and in order to continue with the course saw what password he got from cracking the hash. Eventually I waited for the network to be reset and got the hash in 10–15 minutes. Then for making malicious excel document you would need a windows machine , using microsoft office online would not help you to get around this part , I did not had a windows virtual machine on kali because I dual booted kali linux with windows so this wasn’t possible without me having another laptop with a windwos machine so you should consider these things before taking this course other than that I faced no issue at all and everything was working smoothly.

I would highly recommend this for those who want to learn about AD exploitation and pivoting around a network.