TryHackMe-Ninja Skills

8V2L  /etc/8V2L 
bny0 can't find
c4ZX /mnt/c4ZX
D8B3 /mnt/D8B3
FHl1 /var/FHl1
oiMO /opt/oiMO
PFbD /opt/PFbD
rmfX /media/rmfX
SRSq /etc/ssh/SRSq
uqyw /var/log/uqyw
v2Vb /home/v2Vb
X1Uy /X1Uy
ls | xargs sha1sum
find / -user newer-user -name "*" 2>/dev/null
ls -la




Pentester | CTF Player

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Pentester | CTF Player

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